EasyGrip / Cable Holder for easy attachment (manufacturer: Sytekki Oy)


Fasten the EasyGrip with aluminium frame to a table-, cabined-, or flat surfase with tape or a srew. Press e.g. cables between the flexibel retaining loops, removal is just as easy. Made in Finland

+ EasyGrip available 8- / 12-loops

+ EasyGrip lenght x widht x height : 15(22) x 2 x 3cm

+ EasyGrip possible to fasten with tape or srew

+ Yoy Can attach cables to EasyGrip 1…15mm

+ EasyGrip available in black and white

+ EasyGrip is suitable for many different mounting applications

Workstation computers- and electrical cabels

Home toothbrush tools

Workstation tools

Fishing rod rack fof home and boats

EasyGrip for cables

EasyGrip for toothbrushes

EasyGrip for tools